We have begun archiving documents distributed at the Forum and videos of the sessions.
You could access them at the following:

Session 2 Considering in terms of climate justice the talks in COP21, and problems around re-start of reactors

Session 4 Uncover the crimes in Fukushima and Save lives.

Session 6 Exposed work – how is it currently going in France, Ukraine, South Korea and Japan?

Session 7 Ethos and the international nuclear lobbies – Their Ignorance Strategy.

Hall of the Upper House Members’ Office Building ‘No Nukes WSF 2016’ Assembly  + Film showing
1) Assembly in the Upper House Members’ Office Building – Outcry from Asians: Don’t Export reactors!
2) Show the film ‘Where is the truth?’, and exchange opinions.

We will keep this archive for those who could not attend the sessions and to make it useful for efforts to eradicate nuclear power and contamination. Do take a look. And circulate it for as many people as possible to be able to see it.