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We have begun archiving documents distributed at the Forum and videos of the sessions.
You could access them at the following:

Session 2 Considering in terms of climate justice the talks in COP21, and problems around re-start of reactors

Session 4 Uncover the crimes in Fukushima and Save lives.

Session 6 Exposed work – how is it currently going in France, Ukraine, South Korea and Japan?

Session 7 Ethos and the international nuclear lobbies – Their Ignorance Strategy.

Hall of the Upper House Members’ Office Building ‘No Nukes WSF 2016’ Assembly  + Film showing
1) Assembly in the Upper House Members’ Office Building – Outcry from Asians: Don’t Export reactors!
2) Show the film ‘Where is the truth?’, and exchange opinions.

We will keep this archive for those who could not attend the sessions and to make it useful for efforts to eradicate nuclear power and contamination. Do take a look. And circulate it for as many people as possible to be able to see it.

Solidarity message from MONTREAL WSF 2016

World Social Forum 2016 at MONTREAL

Call for mobilization for a world without nuclear power

Warm greetings from the people of Quebec to the people of Japan, especially to those from the Fukushima prefecture. We, as Quebec citizens, express our complete solidarity with the people of Japan in their quest for a nuclear free future. Although Quebec has never suffered the ravages of a nuclear explosion nor of a nuclear meltdown, we have come to realize that nuclear power and nuclear weapons are incompatible with a sustainable future.

In 2012, thanks to the numerous actions of citizens (including artists, medical doctors, and other professionals) Quebec became the first jurisdiction in North America to phase out of nuclear power by shutting down its only operating reactor. We strongly support those of you in Japan who wish to eliminate nuclear power from your society as well. The uranium that fuelled the Fukushima reactors very likely came from Canada, one of the world’s main producers and exporters of uranium. Here in Quebec we are keenly aware that all uranium ends up either in nuclear weapons or in nuclear reactor fuel, which inevitably becomes high-level radioactive waste. So it is far better for humans to leave uranium in the ground. Last year, at the World Uranium Symposium in Quebec City, an international movement was launched to ban uranium mining worldwide. We would be honoured to have Japanese citizens participate in this campaign. Quebec has already declared a moratorium on uranium exploration and mining and is now deliberating on whether to forbid it permanently. If the effort is successful, Quebec will become the third province in Canada to ban uranium mining. We encourage the people of Japan to join us in sending a clear message to the world at large that the era of nuclear power and nuclear weapons is drawing to a close. We also invite you to our World Social Forum at Montreal in August 2016, when we will be happy to welcome you.

Artististes pour la Paix
Coalition pour que le Québec ait meilleure mine – Dominique Bernier
MiningWatch Canada – Ugo Lapointe
Regroupement Vigiliance Mines Abitibi-Témiscamingue (REVIMAT) – Marc Nantel
Association de protection de l’environnement des Hautes-Laurentides (APEHL) – François Lapierre
Nature Québec – Christian Simard
Réseau québécois des groupes écologistes (RQGE) – Yvan Croteau
Syndicat de la fonction publique du Québec (SFPQ) – Denise Boileau
Gordon Edwards: Ph.D., President, Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, ,
François Lapierre: Porte parole sur les mines, l’uranium et le nucléaire pour l’Association de protection de l’environnement des Hautes-Laurentides (APEHL) et répondant de l’APEHL auprès de la Coalition Québec Meilleur Mines, ,
 Cellulaire: 819-440-7939
Dr Éric Notebaert MD
 Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environnement
 Physicians for Global Survival (Canadian branch of IPPNW)
 David Suzuki Foundation

Message from Sortir du nucléaire

Lyon, le 19 mars 2016

Message de soutien du Conseil d’administration du
Réseau « Sortir du nucléaire » aux organisateurs
du Forum Social Mondial thématique Nucléaire

Le Réseau cinq ans après la catastrophe de Fukushima exprime toute sa
solidarité et son soutien au peuple japonais qui souffre de l’horreur atomique.

Le Conseil d’Administration du Réseau « Sortir du Nucléaire » n’a pu envoyer un
représentant au Forum Social Mondial thématique Nucléaire qui se tient à Tokyo
du 23 au 27 mars.

Nous en sommes désolés et nous tenons à exprimer tout notre soutien à cette

Ce forum, qui se tient dans le pays le plus impacté par les drames nucléaires, est
l’occasion d’expliquer à tous les peuples du monde que le nucléaire est une
technologie éthiquement inacceptable:

– au vu de ses impacts chroniques passés, présents et à venir.

– au vu des terrifiantes catastrophes passées et de celles auxquelles elle nous
expose en permanence.

– au vu de la prise en otage de tous les peuples de notre planète par les Chefs
des Etats dotés de l’arme atomique.

En France, pays le plus nucléarisé, le lobby nucléaire cherche à sauver son
industrie mortifère en tentant d’exporter ses réacteurs.

Le Réseau « Sortir du nucléaire » fait tout pour dénoncer ces exportations là et
mobiliser contre cette politique.

Ce forum devrait permettre de construire et structurer une opposition mondiale
au lobby nucléaire afin d’apporter, entre autres, aide et soutien aux militants des
pays confrontés à des projets de construction de nouveaux réacteurs.

Nous souhaitons une pleine réussite au FSM thématique de Tokyo et nous nous
engageons à diffuser auprès de nos adhérents et sympathisants le bilan de ce
forum. Nous ferons tout notre possible pour participer aux prochains

Le conseil d’administration

Call for Endorsement of and Participation in the World Social Forum on nuclear power/energy (Tokyo, Japan, March 23-28, 2016)

We are people, citizens, or civic groups opposed to civil or military use of nuclear power/energy.

Our discussion on the Forum kicked off in Japan in October 2014, followed by the one had during the World Social Forum in Tunisia in March 2015, and finally arriving at a conclusion at our meeting during the COP 21 activities in Paris in Nov.-Dec. 2015.  We decided to hold the Thematic World Social Forum on nuclear power/energy in Japan in March 2016 as the first step toward a global people’s movement independent of governments, political parties, religious organizations, profit-making entities, or the like, making the most of our experiences in previous WSFs.  The Forum is planned as follows:

23-28 March 2016
23 (pm): Opening Forum, Korean YMCA

24-25 :  Field Work in Fukushima
26 (daytime): Participation in National Big Rally in Yoyogi Park
26 (evening): Two workshops,  Korean YMCA and Space Tampopo
27: (all day): Five workshops, Korean YMCA and Space Tampopo

28(am): Strategy meeting on our next step (am), Meeting at MPs’ house (pm), and Meeting on exposed work (evening)

The Forum is designed to address nuclear or its related problems not only with nuclear power plants or weapons but also radiation exposure facing workers in uranium extraction or  nuclear power plants.  The disposal of nuclear waste is also a serious problem in all countries concerned with nuclear plants.  Furthermore, once an accident happens at a nuclear plant, it inevitably poses a threat to the lives of people in its surrounding communities, and in addition their towns or villages might  be kept abandoned permanently, as demonstrated by the tragic accidents in Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Since its inception in 2001, the World Social Forum has been in the forefront against neo-liberal globalization or war on “terrorism”, in opposition to which the Forum has assumed an important global role, seeking “another world” free from poverty or war.  The coming Forum is intended to combine what we have been learning and accumulating through our activities or experiences with our movements for forever renouncing nuclear power/energy.

Although Japan is a victim of atomic bombings, or nuclear attacks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and  the crew on  a ship named Dai-go Fukuryu-maru got exposed to radiation in Bikini in the 1950s, it became one of the advanced nations with nuclear energy.  Furthermore, in spite of the serious nuclear accident in Fukushima in 2011 which compelled tens of thousands of residents to leave their homes, the government still remains unchanged, actively  following the same path by encouraging the re-start of nuclear power plants and the export of nuclear reactors.  Anti-nuclear activists around the globe are posing to us, the Japanese, a tough question of why Japan continues to promote nuclear program despite being a victim attacked by nuclear energy several times.  

Now, we intend to find an answer to such a question, and at the same time we try to combine anti-nuclear activists within Japan with those engaged in similar activities around the world.  Through this gathering, we hope to take a major step toward our global movement for a nuclear-free world.

We would appreciate it very much If you agree with our objective regarding the coming Thematic World Social Forum planned in March, 2016 and endorse and participate in the Forum.


Endorsed by: 
People’s Plan Study Group
The Research Institute Theoria
Occupy METI Tent Square
Cicizen’s Nuclear Information Center(CNIC)
Nuke Plants Re-running blocking National Network
Artists against Occupation
No Nukes Asia Forum Japan
Netowork realising De-contamination
Henoko Relay– Henoko struggle to nationwide
Articulação Antinuclear Brasileira
Coalizão por um Brasil livre de Usinas Nucleares
NPO <Echo Echanges France Japon>
Réseau Sortir du nucléaire

Contact :
Toshimaru Ogura
Kolin Kobayashi